Making sense to you

Sometimes we are so caught up in our usual responses or patterns of behaviour that we don’t even notice them and how they impact our lives. It’s an unconscious process and part of who we are.

As life goes on however, with the ups and downs we experience, these coping mechanisms may no longer work for us. We can begin to feel uncertain and unsettled and as a result begin questioning ourselves and how we are feeling.

When we are unaware of these patterns, we can create a block to moving forward. It’s hard to change what we don’t even notice. Counselling enables someone else to notice these patterns for you and bring them to your attention. We can look at these together, where they come from and if they still work for you. By exploring your thoughts and feelings, you can encourage a clearer view of your life and begin to understand yourself better.

Perhaps a recent event or change in your personal life has resulted in feelings you’re not sure how to cope with. Maybe you want to explore something that has happened in the past, or feel stuck or dissatisfied in the present. Counselling gives you the chance to make a change.

It’s not designed to offer advice or make judgement but is there to help you to resolve the problems you are experiencing in your life and find a way forward.

Making sense together

The most important part of counselling is the therapeutic relationship. How we work together. I can offer you the opportunity to talk openly in a trusted, confidential and safe environment. To be yourself.

Everyone can be their own harshest critics – sometimes we just need another voice to question how we have come to see ourselves the way we do. The answers can be surprising and can move you forward to where you want to be.

As someone unconnected with your personal life, I am well placed to listen to what is concerning you right now. Although I will get to know you and what is important to you, I will not have any expectations of who you ‘should’ be, as others closer to you may have.

Taking time for yourself to explore issues and concerns, with no judgment, empathy and honesty, can provide you with the insight to manage things differently. Over time this can enable you to make the changes you need in order to live the life you want.